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About Us

The Worship Zone has been set up to inspire, encourage and resource churches of all sizes as well as small groups and other organisations.

The team behind The Worship Zone are all passionate and experienced people working in different areas relating to music and worship. 

The Worship Zone Team

Zarc Porter (manager)

Zarc is a five times Dove award winning music producer and songwriter. He has worked with The World Wide Message Tribe, thebandwithnoname, iSingPOP, Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Avalon, LZ7, Jump5, V*enna, Shine, tbc and many others. He currently manages and produces music for all The Worship Zone projects.

Laurence Porter

Laurence (who is Zarc's brother) has worked in software development for over 20 years. He develops all the software needed for the iSingWorship app and created the SATT™ process (which makes the song sections changes sound natural and smooth).

Josephine Harper

Josephine looks after the publishing and accounting side of The Worship Zone and works with our many publishing partners to bring the most requested songs into all the resources. She also serves on the leadership team of Hope Church in Worcester, UK.

Helen Dean

Helen produces promotional on material for The Worship Zone projects as well as undertaking technical support for the iSingWorship app. She has worked in the public and charity sectors, in management, governance and administration. She also loves words, is a published poet.

Isaac Porter

Isaac loves both music and technology and works with The Worship Zone team to make sure everything that gets released works properly and sounds great. He recently graduated from the University of Cardiff with a BA (Hons) in theology and he regularly serves on the team at his local Vineyard church.


The Worship Zone is made up of the following musicians:

Andy Green (Arrangements, keyboards)

Zarc Porter (Production, keyboards, mixing)

Dan Wheeler (guitars)

Paul Evans (drums)

Mark Prentice (bass)

David Guest (bass)

Doug Walker (vocals)

Neil Wilson (vocals)

Quinton Delport (vocals)

John Wright (vocals)

Beth Ellis (Vocals)

Sarah Bird (Vocals)

Shell Perris (Vocals)

Drake Lanier (Vocals)
Nicki Rogers (Vocals)

Claire Bramwell (Vocals)

Lucy-Jayne Lanier (Vocals)
Pete Treble (guitars)

Neil Costello (guitars)

Paul Bell (guitars)

Dave Woodman (guitars)

Mark Edwards (keyboards)

Steve Brown (keyboards)

Paul Matinzi (keyboards, programming)

Nathan Entwistle (bass)

Phil Crabbe (drums)

Andy Hutton (drums)

John Pullen (drums)

Dan Bowater (production)

Dan Stirling (programming, guitars)

Rob Kay (programming, editing)

Publishing Partners

We work with multiple publishing companies in order to bring the most requested worship songs into The Worship Zone projects including the following:

Movation Logo.jpg
Integrity Music.png

Contact Us

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The Worship Zone

6 Bank St



WR14 2JN



Company: 09650251

VAT Number: 428441006

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