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Image by Jake Fagan


Grand Piano

Key Notes

Zarc Porter

There is a lot of confusion surrounding how to choose the best key for leading worship with a mixed congregation. Everyone has a vocal ‘sweet spot’, a range of notes where they can sing with power, feel comfortable and sound at their best...


The Pursuit Of Excellence

Mark Pennells

The heart of 'The Worship Zone' is to encourage and equip churches and small groups to grow closer to our amazing God, by helping to improve your services, house groups and worship events in general. 

guitar close up

Playing Acoustic Guitar In Worship

Dan Wheeler

I started playing acoustic guitar when I was 12.  I can vividly remember that summer in 1986, sitting in a friend’s kitchen working my way through Russ Shipton’s Complete Guitar Player...

Mixing Console

Balancing Act

Zarc Porter

The job of any worship leader, musician (or backing track) and sound guy is to work together to provide a solid, non distracting platform to aid their congregation in worshipping God. There are many mistakes that can be made...

Image by John Price

Worship From the Inside Out

Helen Dean

Married to a seasoned worship leader I’ve surveyed the worship ‘scene’ from the inside and from the outside as a worshipper. I once wrote a poem titled ‘worship slot machine’ borne out of momentary frustration at the many comments received by worship leaders, often seemingly personal preferences dressed up as something more weighty, and sometimes representing polar opposite views within the same worshipping community.

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