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Streaming Worship Tracks Over The Internet For Your Congregation.

Can I legally use tracks from The Worship Zone for streaming?

You are welcome to use The Worship Zone songs for the purpose of streaming your services over the internet. To do this legally, you need the CCLI Streaming Plus license which covers every recording found in our library.

Please visit CCLI to find out more.


Why do I need a CCLI streaming plus license to stream your songs online?

The standard CCLI streaming license covers the use of the songs (publishing) rather than the use of the recordings themselves so that license is intended for streaming with live musicians.


CCLI have introduced the new CCLI streaming plus license which covers the use of streaming when using pre-recorded tracks (including video tracks and MultiTracks). Every recording found in The Worship Zone library is safely covered by this license.

You can also find a helpful CCLI reporting guide on this page.

Notes about copyright:

When using our songs online, you may sometimes receive a notice regarding copyright depending on the technology you are using. This message will state something like "This song is under copyright by The Orchard/Movation". This is the streaming provider protecting our interests as the owner of the recordings. You have our permission to continue.


We recommend using one of the 'peer to peer' systems (such as Zoom) for streaming but many are also using YouTube successfully.


We don't currently recommend using Facebook due to their flagging systems which can sometimes block songs in error. We are working with our distributor to see if this can be corrected.

Please note: Duplicating and distributing our recordings either on the internet or physically for any purpose outside of providing church services for your congregation is prohibited and would be in breach of the usual copyright laws. If you are not sure about a particular use, please contact us and we will do our best to help.


God bless

The Worship Zone Team

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