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Image by Jake Fagan

The Pursuit Of Excellence - Introduction

Mark Pennells

The heart of 'The Worship Zone' is to encourage and equip churches and small groups to grow closer to our amazing God, by helping to improve your services, house groups and worship events in general. 
In this context does making the effort to be excellent fit in and if so how? Also, how does being excellent fit with inclusion, encouragement and the distribution of gifting? For example, should the humble gentleman serving God on his broken old bassoon be included in his efforts to glorify God, even though it puts everybody off? Or, what do we do about the lovely lady who sings her heart out for the Lord every week, but cannot sing in tune? Does it matter what people think? What effect does the level of excellence have on visitors?  Should we try and keep up with technology? How can we embrace technological advances and keep the heart of worship in place? Are lack of funds a limiting factor? Does it matter if the mic feeds back and makes a whistling noise every week in church, if the sound man is doing his best? How do we cope with all the different tastes in music and all the different age groups and still be inclusive? How can we make sure God remains the focus rather than the band or the worship leader?

All big questions which don’t necessarily have an easy answer. 'The Pursuit Of Excellence' series is designed to open up these difficult questions as part of a foundation for progress for your church, organisation or small group.

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